Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mistakes in Movies

This is interesting. Many of the famous movies have mistakes in them despite the fact that they are so popular and people just ignore them for example slumdog millionaire. I was just wondering that how can childern who have lived on the streets and talked in punjabi/hindi when they were under 10,suddenly start speaking fluent english when they get older.Moreover, they were guiding the tourists in english as well and making money. Quite funny isn't it as they haven't been to any school or learnt english anywhere.
Here are some more for you :Interesting Mistakes in top movies
I would luv to hear from you guys, mistakes in other top releases you know.

Hey Guys watch GreenDay's new video here

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Log into Administrator Account

Hey people!

I just discovered this recently. You can get access to the admin account even if you do not know the password.This is how you do it. You need to have a guest account turned on already. Now you log in safe mode and it automatically logs you into the admin account I don't know why. Now you can go into the control panel and even change the administrator's password. It doesn't even ask you to enter the previous admin password.
This also works against that virus which changes your password at log on screen(usually on Windows XP. So, don't forget to turn on your guest account.It really helps.
Isn't that cool for hackers and freaky for administrators.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Online Money Making Ideas

Hey people!
Are you tired of late office hours and getting up early everyday for the morning commute.More over,only earning a 15 to 20k salary in the end. There is a great opportunity for you guys to make money online from home.You can:
1) Do freelance work...I mean write articles,do projects related to the domain of your interest, work as seo,do content management for a company
2) Create your own business online and make money with website....There's a lot of information available on the web that can guide you. You can register a website at domains yahoo,yahoo web hosting etc
3) Simply join some websites that pay you for filling out their surveys,typing etc

Here are some more interesting sites to get information on this topic:


Luck vs Hardwork

Hey people I have another topic to discuss.May be you have some views to share.So here I go.
1) Do you agree that some people are blessed with intelligence i.e. they are lucky while others no matter how hard they work,just can't reach upto that level of intellect.

2)Do you think bloodgroup affects the personality.Does a person with a -ve bloodgroup is a negative thinker as well :S.A friend of mine just mailed me this

Personality Judgement

Hey people what's your opinion about diary writers? What sort of people do you think they are.