Saturday, February 14, 2009

Online Money Making Ideas

Hey people!
Are you tired of late office hours and getting up early everyday for the morning commute.More over,only earning a 15 to 20k salary in the end. There is a great opportunity for you guys to make money online from home.You can:
1) Do freelance work...I mean write articles,do projects related to the domain of your interest, work as seo,do content management for a company
2) Create your own business online and make money with website....There's a lot of information available on the web that can guide you. You can register a website at domains yahoo,yahoo web hosting etc
3) Simply join some websites that pay you for filling out their surveys,typing etc

Here are some more interesting sites to get information on this topic:


  1. Credibility of such websites which offer online money making seems questionable.
    How to establish credibility of such websites

  2. Yes Yasir you have a valid point. I think you can look at it this way.
    1. Go for websites which do not require you to submit a fee initially( in case you are thinking that they will run away with you money:) )
    2. After fulfilling the first point you have to make sure the website doesn't ask for too many of your personal details.
    3. Check if the site is verisign secured.I mean can't be hacked easily and you can trust on it.
    I think thats all about it.
    Btw yasir you have an impressive resume:S...I think you can earn a lot online