Thursday, May 3, 2012

Drugstore Giveaway

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Get reminder emails through Google Calender

I finally figured out how to do it.Go to your gmail account and click on the calender link on the top left.Create a new event, fill all the information required including when to repeat it. On the right side you can select whether you want to get email or pop ups, and how often should you get them. Also, to send reminders to a group of people, you can add their email addresses in the add guests tab.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Facebook Viruses

I don't believe that you aren't familiar with FACEBOOK or that you don't have an account there. See. Each one of us have one or more accounts on facebook, even my 11 year old brother does. So what interests these young people that they spend hours facebooking. Well mainly because of its wide range of applications,facility to upload and share pictures,make friends,join groups etc. Its a lot better than orkut I guess. So with million and trillions of users, hackers have hit a great idea of infecting this social networking website as a great platform to infect people within seconds. I have decided to jot down some viruses I have personally seen there.

1. We really aren't sure about the FB applications now that whether they were created by the FB team or some evil kid with evil intentions,as anyone can create an application on FB now. Have you ever seen "My Secret Crush". It redirects you to some other website which automatically downloads an exe file on your computer and infects it. This is known as drive by download.So your curiousty of finding out your secret crush is destroyed:P.

2. Not all ads displayed on FB are authenticated. As FB does not display ads itself,rather advertisers display their ads not knowing which are malicious.

3. Koobface worm which sends you a msg in your inbox with silly titles so as to social engineer you and pretending to be from one of your friends. so as soon as you have read it,all your personal details are hacked or in case you have an invitation for a video, you get redirected to install a flash player which actually is some malicious virus that infects your computer.

So I guess FB isn't safe at all. As we cannot tell apart the part that's safe from the one that is malicious. Moreover peoples' tendency to click such things is quite high. FB developers gotta do something.

The strange Convocation

I had always been proud of my "Being Punctual" habit. I would always reach well in time on each and every occasion at least during my four years at the university. But something terribly strange was waiting to ruin my punctuality on my convocation day.
I got up early in the morning to spare approximately three hours for getting dressed and doing my makeup :D. That part went well and I actually looked good but I didn't know that my good looks won't last long. After reaching the university (by foot) I found out that my graduation cap was missing. I only had the robe and hood with me. There was only about an hour left in the actual ceremony to start. But missing the cap was not part of my plan. So in a hurry I paced back to my place, passing by many cars heading for the function and flinging dirt on my face and hair :(. My shoes hurt and I was sweating like anything. Finally reaching my room I saw the cap lying on the sofa when I was so sure I had it in my hands because I had been trying to fix it on my head in the best possible position. So I grabbed it and ran for my university. Again passing by the rushing cars leaving dirt everywhere. By the time I reached the university I was very tired already, I mean before even the function had started(I felt like I had been playing treasure hunt). So I went to the washroom to wear the robe and the cap and fix the hood on the robe's left arm. It all took about fifteen minutes,but I wasn't happy at all as all my hair do and make up was ruined. After that I rushed towards the hall where the procession had to stand and as I opened the door I was shocked to see everyone present except me and the more embarrassing part was that I was to stand at the front of the line so I was being noticed even more. The organizing faculty member shouted at me "You are late and you were at the front!!!!". I was still thinking the same thing how could I be late rather I didn't deserve to be late. Then came the organizer's voice saying "Alright everybody!!! stay in your position,the procession is about to start!". I was staring blankly at people dressed in white either fixing their caps or hoods but I was only doing one thing....thinking about me getting late. The drum beat started and we all proceeded towards the convocation hall slowly matching our steps with the parallel person. After we reached inside the hall,found it filled with each graduate's parents sitting in his respected row. After the procession,the function proceeded with DG and Rector's address and then as it was announced that the chief guest will start distributing the degrees, I was damn sure that something stupid is about to happen with me again. The moment this thought occurred to me I began to recall the path I had to take to move to the stage and how to receive the degree and smile for a good photograph. When the time for students in my row to receive their degrees came, we all stood up but as expected I had moved so fast that I surpassed the students who had to take degrees before me when we were told that we had to move slowly and in synchronization. As my turn came to move to the stage and give my name chit to the person on the dice so that she could call my name,I tried my best not to be nervous and fall down:P. I greeted the chief guest and took the degree, tilted my face slightly towards the camera and smiled which i know was fake :D. Anyway as I came down the stairs on the other side of stage, I saw people smiling at me as if I had done wonders,I felt a bit good but my sandals hurt bad. And as I took a look at my feet while coming towards my seat, I found out that my trouser color did not match the color of my shirt. Both were different shades of white. I felt bad. Was this because of the walk I had in the sun or had I gone blind while ironing or even buying my clothes. Certainly the colors matched before that day. What was happening with me. My sandals had peeled off the skin under my ankles.Was I having a nightmare.
After the function ended we were told that the official photographer is available and we could have a full body photograph in our graduation robes and hat so that we could later on hang those portraits in out homes and show them to our childern and grand childern and prove them that we actually graduated :D...though weirdly:P

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Natural Weight Loss Tips

Hey to fat pals, I have something really different.Because now you don't have to take out any extra time,plus you don't have to make up your mind for any dieting plans.Just rectify your habits. Remember nobody can loose weight within a week or so.Also no dieting plan lasts long apart from being hard to follow and your weight returns as soon as you leave the gym or the diet. But the strategy I am going to tell you will atleast help you enjoy your life and feel good.

1. The first and the foremost thing to remember is that stop gulping down your meals. Eat it slowly,chewing every single bite properly. This not only helps in digestion but your tummy also looks lean and doesn't give you a bloated stomach.

2. Its very hard to avoid your favorite things. I mean looking at them and wishing you could eat them makes me cry atleast. So I would suggest eat anything you like but in a smaller quantity. You will have the feeling that you had atleast tasted your favorite foods. I think this strategy is better than dieting for months and then suddenly going to a party and savouring all those extra calory foods with the excuse that "its just for one day!!! I know this won't make me fat".
This instead makes you gain weight because your body's food cycle is disturbed.

3. Nowadays it feels a heck to take out some extra time for walks or gyms, so I would suggest that whenever and wherever you are on foot just try to move fast.This will increase your body metabolism.Moreover, its good to avoid cars when you could go by foot.Just a thought!!!

4. Now another thing. Taking out time for exercise also seems a mess atleast to me. Climbing up stairs and coming down fast is just a wonderful thing and I think you do it already.Just stick to it. Moreover whenever you are lying inbed for sleep and aren't really sleepy.Then there's an exercise for you. Stretch out your body. Put your hands beneath your head stretching out your arms in 180 degrees position, I mean in a straight line.Ok now try to move your body(consisting of head and abdomen) towards the lower part of your body. In other words try to sit with your hands and arms in that position I told you. Try to do this fast. At least twenty times. Ok now with the same position of hands and arms, now try to lift your legs(sticked together) as up as you can. Do it atleast twenty. This is an excellent exercise and you don't need to take out extra time. Remember not to have a pillow underneath your head.

5. Everyone says drinking plenty of water is good but how to. We mostly drink water when we are thirsty.Isn't it.Now how to drink more water.Keep a bottle in handy or what you can do is that whenever you drink water,just drink two glasses instead of one. Two in the morning at breakfast.Two in the afternoon at lunch and two in the night at dinner.That makes 6. Two more to go to make 8. That you can adjust in between.It'll also prove good for your skin.

Goodluck and do try:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Embed your to-do list on your desktop

People who use Windows vista have an option to edit their todo list, as this facility has been provided by vista's interface but still writing more than a few lines makes it hard to read.On the other hand, windows XP users certainly have no choice. So what to do in this case. Obviously write on a paper or a notepad and save it to your disk. But certainly the chances of their getting misplaced is higher. Wont it be great if you could see your todo list on your desktop just like a screen saver. Yes it would be so how to make this desktop theme yourself.Here's what this genius did.
Here's a step by step process of doing it. You are just a click away. Try it.
Embed your to-do list on your desktop
This is how my embedded todo list looks like