Friday, March 27, 2009

Computer Hard Drive Data Recovery

Data loss is now a common problem after the widespread use of computers in daily life. Its not just because of those nasty viruses seeping through your hard drives and costing you damages but also because of the accidental deletion of data by the user himself.

So the question arises what to do in such a freaky situation. Obviously get the data back, but how??? The answer is simple but not "FREE". Most of the data recovery softwares available on the internet are shareware based.So you have to either buy them or subscribe to the organization paying them a monthly fee which surely most of us don't prefer. I did a project on data recovery from removable devices i.e flash drives(FAT12,FAT16 and FAT32), SIM cards and memory sticks. It works by making a copy of the disk and acquiring data from that copy so that the original disk isn't compromised. But it doesn't go well with hard drives as their size is in GBs and making a copy of that requires a lot of space.Ok so the point is that its possible and you can do it on your own if you are good at programming. But before that, you need to have a sound knowledge of the underlying file system.

Tip: Always keep a backup copy of all your important data and don't forget to lock it in a strong password. Data recovery on hard drives supporting FAT file systems is easier than the ones with NTFS file system.

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