Friday, May 22, 2009

Natural Weight Loss Tips

Hey to fat pals, I have something really different.Because now you don't have to take out any extra time,plus you don't have to make up your mind for any dieting plans.Just rectify your habits. Remember nobody can loose weight within a week or so.Also no dieting plan lasts long apart from being hard to follow and your weight returns as soon as you leave the gym or the diet. But the strategy I am going to tell you will atleast help you enjoy your life and feel good.

1. The first and the foremost thing to remember is that stop gulping down your meals. Eat it slowly,chewing every single bite properly. This not only helps in digestion but your tummy also looks lean and doesn't give you a bloated stomach.

2. Its very hard to avoid your favorite things. I mean looking at them and wishing you could eat them makes me cry atleast. So I would suggest eat anything you like but in a smaller quantity. You will have the feeling that you had atleast tasted your favorite foods. I think this strategy is better than dieting for months and then suddenly going to a party and savouring all those extra calory foods with the excuse that "its just for one day!!! I know this won't make me fat".
This instead makes you gain weight because your body's food cycle is disturbed.

3. Nowadays it feels a heck to take out some extra time for walks or gyms, so I would suggest that whenever and wherever you are on foot just try to move fast.This will increase your body metabolism.Moreover, its good to avoid cars when you could go by foot.Just a thought!!!

4. Now another thing. Taking out time for exercise also seems a mess atleast to me. Climbing up stairs and coming down fast is just a wonderful thing and I think you do it already.Just stick to it. Moreover whenever you are lying inbed for sleep and aren't really sleepy.Then there's an exercise for you. Stretch out your body. Put your hands beneath your head stretching out your arms in 180 degrees position, I mean in a straight line.Ok now try to move your body(consisting of head and abdomen) towards the lower part of your body. In other words try to sit with your hands and arms in that position I told you. Try to do this fast. At least twenty times. Ok now with the same position of hands and arms, now try to lift your legs(sticked together) as up as you can. Do it atleast twenty. This is an excellent exercise and you don't need to take out extra time. Remember not to have a pillow underneath your head.

5. Everyone says drinking plenty of water is good but how to. We mostly drink water when we are thirsty.Isn't it.Now how to drink more water.Keep a bottle in handy or what you can do is that whenever you drink water,just drink two glasses instead of one. Two in the morning at breakfast.Two in the afternoon at lunch and two in the night at dinner.That makes 6. Two more to go to make 8. That you can adjust in between.It'll also prove good for your skin.

Goodluck and do try:)

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